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COUNTDOWN: 24 days

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  • 10 mile tempo hill run followed by 1 hour of focused incline work, core, and a 1 mile swim
  • My intra-week mileage will be lower leading into the weekend, somewhere around 85 miles planned for Friday through Sunday

COUNTDOWN: 25 days

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  • No shake out today…just rest
  • Last of the BIG weeks coming up…

COUNTDOWN: 26 days

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  • 26 mile run, great race tempo, did this run on 1.5 liters of fluid and no other fuels, legs felt great the whole time
  • I’ll try to carve out some time tomorrow for a short shake out run on the treadmill at work
  • 3 more weekends left before wheels up, last big weekend planned for next week up on the AT

COUNTDOWN: 27 days

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  • 1.5 hours of Bikram Yoga followed by a 10 mile tempo hill run and 30 minutes of focused incline work with 30 minutes of core
  • Took it easy today, long run early in the a.m. with all the guys prepping for the Pine to Palm 100 in September
  • Tomorrow will push me over 100 miles on the week and I should get another 100+ week the following, with 2.5 weeks left before leaving after next weekend I’ll start to back off the amplitude and focus on pushing over shorter distances

COUNTDOWN: 28 days

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  • 24 hour work day, taking a day off to recover from the last 8 day push
  • I’m having to really pay attention to my training log and weekly plan so that I don’t stray and end up doing more mileage than I planned, everything has been feeling very good but I know that is a result of lowering my mileage a bit and focusing on more quality runs
  • 4 weeks today until wheels up for Geneva

COUNTDOWN: 29 days

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  • 6 mile steady run followed by 1/2 mile swim and 30 minutes of core, my goal was a 1 mile swim today but I got booted from the pool because some nincompoop claimed to have heard thunder…
  • 10 mile tempo run with lots of hills thrown in, felt great today on each of my runs though it was oppressively humid on both, no hydration on either to make them a bit more uncomfortable

COUNTDOWN: 30 days

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  • 1.5 hours of Bikram Yoga
  • 1 hour of focused incline work followed by 8 miles of 1/2 mile alternating hill intervals
  • These seemingly short runs are really good for getting the heart rate up on the vert 1/2 mile and then help with training the body to quickly recover over the slightly less vert 1/2 mile the follows, it’s a short but tough workout that I think helps change it up from those long slow days that dominate my schedule