First Look: Hoka One One Rapa Nui Comp

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Just received my much anticipated pair of Rapa Nui Comp’s, Hoka One One’s new “racing flat” for 2013. Very excited to finally get to slide these on! I’ve been combing the web for any info I could find on these. Not much out there. Though this isn’t a review of these shoes (I’ll trial these for a week or so before posting any opinions), I thought I’d give everyone a first-hand look at what these things look like just out of the box.
Rapa Nui Medial View
Rapa Nui Top
Rapa Nui Lateral
Rapa Nui Rear
Rapa Nui Toe
Rapa Nui Sole
Rapa Nui Lugs
Rapa Nui Lacing Loops
Rapa Nui Insole
Rapa Nui Insole Side View
A few observations. The midsole is actually not a true white, it is rather some sort of off-white, but not beige, possibly bordering on gray. The “leather” that rims the top of the ankle is also this grayish color. Of course, the Rapa Nui come with the Hoka speed lacing system, which is very nice. They also provide very helpful elastic loops along the top of the upper for securing the laces. The tongue of the shoe is unattached down both sides of the upper, but the lacing system does connect through the tongue at about the midpoint. This will hopefully reduce any side slide of the tongue while in action. The insole, as you can see from the pictures, is quite thin, bordering on nonexistent. My previous pair of Stinson Evo’s did come with several insole options. This is almost a non-issue for me, as I use Montrail moldable inserts in all of my shoes. I simply slide the insert over the existing insole and roll. There are also two nicely placed loops on the tongue and heel of the upper to assist in getting the Rapa Nui’s on. Very nice. The lugs are small but well placed and sturdy. I think they’ll provide superb traction on just about any terrain.
I purchased a size 11.5 (US) and they feel very true to size. I’ve always felt that the Hoka shoes run a little big, so I usually size down a half-size. Perfect fit with my inserts in over the factory insoles. I can definitely feel the reduced stack height, in comparison to the Stinson Evo’s, but the cushion seems just about perfect. I’m betting it will take about a week of good wear to soften them up.
Check back soon for my full review of how the Hoka One One Rapa Nui Comp’s perform out on the trail!

3 thoughts on “First Look: Hoka One One Rapa Nui Comp

    Hans said:
    April 29, 2013 at 1:39 am

    What a great looking shoe !!, prefer this one even over the yellow/black version. Will have these as well, if I can get my hands on them. There’s one Hoka distributor like100km away from here. Bought my Stinson evo tarmacs there as well. Personally I had limited my choice for new shoes down to 2 options: these Rapa’s and the Salomon Sense Mantra’s. Your post including great pics and reports of breaking down upper of the Salomons (after 300 mls) put my decision in concrete: Hoka’s rule!
    Got about 500 km in the Evo’s and there’s no signs that say they won’t easily make it to a 1000, I like the quality.
    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the update or full review!!

    bye from Holland, Hans

    Bikernate said:
    May 9, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    Thanks for posting the pictures. How did you get your hands on them? From what I have heard, they are only available in Europe. Thanks!

      Joel Meredith responded:
      May 9, 2013 at 2:19 pm

      Try They are the only online retailer selling the Rapa’s. Good luck!

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